We are Greener Landscapes Inc (GRELASCA), a (501. c) Non-governmental Organization based and registered in The United States, whose objective is to work with other like minded people, organizations, communities, and corporations in promoting environmental and climate concerns and causes in Sub-Saharan Africa through educating, motivating, and incentivizing individuals and communities to engage in reforestation and wetland reclamation.


Through education, motivation, and incentivization for reforestation and wetland reclamation, we, and our partners, seek to slow the effects of deforestation and wetland abuse or misuse on weather patterns,  their stability, and ultimately on climate.


Many either seem not to realize it, or due to personal interests and preferences choose to willfully, and selectively ignore the reality that our only home, planet earth is getting slowly but surely slow cooked by non other than us, it’s primary residents. By destroying and abusing our natural environs, we have turned out home into a crockpot earth.


Trees and wetlands preserve life on planet earth. While animals, including humans, breathe oxygen, a necessity for their continued existence, plants need carbon dioxide to make their food. The interdependence between the animal and plant kingdoms is in plain sight. These, each breathes out the very air the other breathes in to sustain it’s life. Water is its own crucial category,  a primary pillar for life without which both plant and animal life on planet earth as we know it ends. So, wetlands are extremely crucial to life, yet trees perspire water vapour which condenses and forms rain.

Destruction of trees disrupts rain patterns and distribution. This has, and is happening in many places. Reforestation and wetland reclamation is for our own preservation. Trees and wetlands preserve earth, so let’s preserve them.


To change you, is to change the world. You are the world. The seed you plant today, whether it’s a literal tree, or an idea, is the tree of tomorrow and the forest of the future. One person may not effect significant change, yet those little changes by individuals put together form effective change. Don’t underrate your seemingly little contribution. Join us, let’s do this together to effect a big change.