Firewood Problem

Trees For Fuel Problem

In many places, Sub-Saharan Africa being one of them, there is a common phenomenon of trees getting cut down to be used as fuel in the form firewood utilised in cooking. This widespread practice has exacerbated deforestation.

A viable, and lasting alternative to firewood is to introduce, and promote utilisation of biogas in the communities. In partnership with other stake holders, we plan to pioneer construction of biogas digesters in the local communities, which we will connect to biodegradable waste depositories, pit latrines being one of the kinds. This will drastically slow the cutting of trees, while simultaneously availing a more climate friendly fuel source.

The Plastics Problem

Globally plastics present a daunting environmental menace. This calls for immediate actions, and in ways that are sustainable. To mitigate the effect of plastics on the environment wherever we will operate, we plan to introduce to communities the manufacture and use bottles, tumblers, cups, and grocery bags made using bamboo, a biodegradable, and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics.